Kings Place

On Saturday 12th September 2015, The Spitz and its gathering of various ages and backgrounds arrived at King’s Cross to play in the Kings Place Festival 2015.

The band (Jay Phelps – Trumpet, Jonathan Gee – Piano, Ben Hazleton – Bass) were joined on stage by two elders whom the Spitz have been working with extensively : Victor Stuart – guitarist and Cedric Skyler – poet.

Both Victor and Cedric have had a series of one-to-ones with our musicians which brought them to this point of performance. On arrival, Cedric was brimming with quiet pride. He had just travelled from New Cross with an escort – the longest journey he has made in the 10 years since his stroke. Victor made sparkling eye contact with everyone he met. He came with his daughters and granddaughters who were overjoyed at seeing their (gran)dad perform for the first time in years.

Programme for Spitz @ Kings Place


Photographs by D.Orliange Photography