The Spitz at Osborne Grove

One of our visits in October comprised a whole day at Osborne Grove Nursing Home, visiting individuals in their rooms in the morning and coming together for a group session in the afternoon for those who were able to leave their beds.

Joanna Layla also took the time to join us at our most recent visit to Osborne Grove to illustrate the day.

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Spitz Director Jane Glitre describes this pioneering day:

“When are you coming again?” It was very faintly said and hard to decipher from someone who I hadn’t realised could speak. As we were packing up after our final session at Osborne Grove Nursing Home a very frail lady managed to ask the question. She lay in her large armchair/wheelchair and had spent most of the session trying to hide one of our maracas under her jumper. It was obvious she was enjoying the music, and wonderful that she was looking to the future. The Activity Officer for Osborne Grove was amazed.

Participants ranged in age from 50 years old to 95. Many are bed bound, the rest either use wheel chairs or zimmer frames.

On arrival one client was frequently very agitated, swearing at us and saying ‘I hate you’. As soon as the music began she would relax and look deeply at us.

Almost every single room received some kind of music and conversation in the morning. There was just one man who didn’t want anything and sat, sadly with his head in his hands. We told staff about him and were delighted to see him at the afternoon session, smiling and joining in.

The afternoon group session took on the same format as our previous visits, however it was deeply enhanced by the intimacy of the morning: more people came and they greeted us in recognition, musical conversations continued with a lot of joining in. After an hour staff went round to check if anyone wanted to leave and they all wanted to stay.

One lady remarked “I shall remember this for the rest of my life. Always.”


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