Jemma’s Challenge – 25km for The Spitz

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The Scilly Swim Challenge consists of 6 swims totalling 15km and 6 walks totalling 10km – thats a whopping 25km in one day!! And this is precisely what Jemma Goldby conquered for us on September the 5th.


The route took Jemma around 12 hours to complete, through chilling water temperatures of 12°C (think cold shower!)

This is where we need YOUR help. Jemma is donating all the money she is raising to The Spitz, and so far has raised a whopping £1530, just shy of her £2000 goal. The challenge may be over but please continue to support her and us. You can find her fundraising page here.

And Jemma, THANKYOU.

[progressbar bar_percentage=”75.25″] £2000 Goal [/progressbar]

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