Music with Elders

“You’ve made my day, no – you’ve made my month, no – you’ve made my year. I loved every minute of it and I didn’t expect to.”

“You’ve lifted my spirits up tremendously. You were very good.”

“Love it. It’s good therapy. Yes – we’re all good friends now, especially on that old mic…..”

“Thank you. Thank you. This is lovely. Contented ambience.”

Care home residents

Growing Old 

The consequences of growing old is something that affects us all. Be it through dealing with aged grandparents,  parents or indeed ourselves, it is an issue that will never go away and if anything, is becoming increasingly more relevant.

As the UK’s population rapidly ages, acute loneliness and social isolation are some of the biggest challenges facing our society, especially as they notably increase the risk of death and illness in elderly people.

The Spitz is tackling these acute social problems by taking live music to the heart of these situations. By delivering a constantly evolving music programme that includes participatory, social, exploratory and performance strands, our programme connects elders who are separated as a result of disability, age, ethnicity, culture or other social and economic realities.

Our Musicians

It is impossible to second guess the response this work elicits. It is crucial that our musicians are adept at reacting and improvising in the moment to what ever is thrown at them. It is in these moments of spontaneity that some of the most profound events happen. We hand pick our musicians from a large reservoir of talent built up over many years, who are not only fine musicians but also highly tuned to the needs of the clients.

“I’ve never performed for a group that wanted to be this involved and were so overjoyed.
It was very interesting experiencing so many young souls trapped in old bodies encouraged to act the age they felt.”

Emine Pirhasan Musician

Small sums make a Big Difference

The financial cost of dementia to the UK was over £23 billion in 2012. Working with one of our partners, Haringey Council, we developed a pilot programme. It had the advantage of being flexible, scalable and could be delivered around the capital and in time, around the country.

Warming up music and songs. The inclusion of requests given to us in advance, leading to a collaborative piece using the jointly composed song. This can be rehearsed without music the week before in preparation thereby extending the impact beyond the day in question. Residents can each speak or sing a sentence with gentle music backing them. Other requests can be accommodated spontaneously at the time.