The Spitz Charitable Trust was born out of  former music venue, The Spitz. Located in the old Spitalfields Market it enjoyed a successful 11 years building a formidable reputation for excellence and innovation. Unfortunately the market’s renovation meant closure and the loss of one of London’s best loved venues.

‘Bowed but not beaten’ – Time Out

Review: The Guardian

The Spitz Charitable Trust was created in January 2014.

The charity aims to take live music, using mainly jazz musicians, into a range of places, schools, after school clubs, prisons, residential care homes, day centres, the everyday settings of the street, and other places where we feel we can make a difference. As the UK’s population rapidly ages, the issue of acute loneliness and social isolation is one of the biggest challenges facing our society.

The professional musicians working for The Spitz are mostly from a jazz background. Due to the improvisational nature of Jazz the musicians have an intuitive, easeful approach allowing the work to slot into almost any situation. We aim to deliver a constantly evolving music programme that includes educational, participatory, social, exploratory and performance strands. Using our programme to connect people who are separated as a result of social and economic realities, age, ethnicity, disability, culture and other disadvantage.

….that man used to dance a lot, then he stopped. Now with the music, it took a split second and he’s dancing again” – Senior Manager The Haven